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      Company Profile

      INEO offers an extensive array of commercial kitchen equipment,commercial refrigerator and restaurant equipment supplies ranging from restaurant smallwares to heavy-duty equipment. INEO's main products are: cooking equipment, refrigeration products, food preparation machinery, bakery equipment, working table & shelves, restaurant furniture

      and smallwares. In one word, you can find all the things you need for your new restaurant or renovation.

      Besides, our trained staff is always ready to offer you:

      Representative Projects 

      Why Buy From Us

      Trust & Responsibility

      In INEO, our business principle is: Trying to enlarge our customers benefit instead of only figuring out how much we can earn from our

      Only products of quality from INEO

      "Rome was not built in a day." As a responsible company,  INEO has set a long term business target. Our success is based on our reliable


      Breakdown possibly could happen no matter how solid the equipment is . All of our products come with 1 year warranty.

      Projects capable

      Any project order is warmly welcomed. We have a special team to help you to manage the whole procedure, including free consulting

      Years professional exporting experience

      In INEO, we have a special professional team to arrange the container loading and shipment for you. As full of experience



      Kitchen Equipment | Restaurant Equipment | Catering Equipment | Hotel Equipment In China


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